Mayze MZ4



Born from an ambition to combine a new material and structure to a maximum comfort with the minimum of materials. De-materializing the product reduces the impact on the environment..

‘Mayze’ is a seating program that holds its arms out to visitors.

Fresh, light and comfortable ‘Mayze’ creates a modern atmosphere where formalities are dropped and open conversation can start.

Using both structural technical knitting and cushions to create a combination of dynamic and cosy sitting with a reduced impact on the environment.

Inspired by the beauty of overlapping transparencies and the natural forms created through tensioned fabric was the main sculptural direction for Mayze.

The main element of Mayze is its knitted cover. Knitting covers have the advantage over a fabricated cover simply as they are knitted to the final size and shape directly from machine; this requires no further work and does not create waste associated with fabricated covers.

The technically knitted cover is designed in a way to replace the belts, foam and fabric of a traditionally upholstered chair while offering great comfort.

During the design of Mayze the separation of materials was always important. This means that Mayze can be repaired to prolong its life and broken down into separate elements at the end of its life for recycling.

Mayze was designed to create the maximum comfort from the minimum of materials. This was achieved by developing a technically knitted cover held under tension over a cantilevered structure.

The challenge was to create a large unsupported frame that did not interfere with the sitting area. The innovative frame design has a large strength while retaining an elegant appearance allowing a vast open area for the net to adapt to the individual sitter.

The stripes of Mayze create an interesting unique appearance though born from a functional purpose. Each band has its individual tension guiding the form of the back through controlled sink in to an ergonomic curve.

The elegant cantilevered frame underneath the knitted cover has a soft feel; this gives a slight padding to the armrest creating a warm haptic while protecting the chair to ensure a long life.

Mayze spans three main market places from office, public space and hotel and leisure. With its pedestal base Mayze can be specified in meeting rooms with a modern and executive feel. With a four-legged base with casters Mayze fits in the modern dynamic office well, able to support flexible meetings being both light and mobile. Mayze can be specified in a warm colour bringing its cosy ‘wrap around’ form to the hotel and leisure market, warm and inviting yet practical and easy to clean.