Haven HAM100



Haven redefines the modular upholstery system with sofas, footstools, tables, screens, stools and benches. All these supporting elements give you a complete working solution in today’s collaborative activity based working environments.

The Haven sofa has endless possibilities, as a traditional setting consisting low back armchairs and two-seat sofas to modular straight and corner configurations with many size options. The high back armchair & sofa provides excellent personal privacy, a haven, within a busy world. Haven is a place for personal contemplation or interaction amongst a team.

Haven Tables are a stunning complement to the upholstery system and have been developed to further enhance the solutions achievable with this system. The tables feature a square conical pedestal finished in Oak veneer, with white solid core laminate tops or toughened black glass. The tray top table can be static or mobile. The Laptop table is finished in black powder coat and has a toughened black glass top.

As a continuation of the Haven system, Haven Benches share the same design language and philosophy of collaboration. The benches are available in three lengths and can be used individually or linked. The vertical elements, bulwarks, are either attached to the bench to act as a backrest or perch or can be linked to the end of the bench as a perch or to act as a spacial divider. To complete the possibilities that Haven Bench provides three linking modules are also offered. Haven Bench works seamlessly with the other elements of the Haven system – sofas, tables, screens and mobile stools.