The new Stiletto leg, created by ZENITH design team, was inspired by the iconic 1959 barbie doll.

Modularity- Stiletto can be designed to suit any size table or workstation. The patented designed leg top knuckle will allow a 90 degree to 180 degree movement or connection with frame members. This means almost any shape and size of table can be achieved - Rectangles, round, boat shape, elliptical, or donut configurations are available.

Materials- Stiletto is an all aluminium leg. Why? Because of weight savings and it is fully recyclable with minimum energy input. Each leg weighs only 1.3Kgs ! That means a table of say 1800 x 1200mm will have a frame weight of approx 6Kgs total. The unique foot for Stiletto is a special die cast section.

Adjustability- Stiletto leg has a simple smooth adjustability which ranges from 610mm - 760mm to meet the Australian standards.

Colours and finishes- Leg & rail finishes: polished aluminium or powder coat from standard range.