JoJo Stool A590



JoJo provides a timeless, organic and ergonomic seat that can be height adjusted and swivels.

The striking, elegant and curvaceous form of the JoJo seat has an almost plastic characteristic due to the innovative 3-D ply forming technology, which designers Johannes and Peter have utilized magnificently in this design.

The result is an organic and ergonomic form that provides, arguably one of the most comfortable seat shapes possible.

Variations of frame styles complement the design and functionality. The four leg version offers a fixed high and low version. The telescopic pedestal version provides a height adjustable version with swivel.

Beech veneer seat is available with clear lacquer, stained or coloured. The seat is also available in White Tinted ‘Alpi’ Oak veneer or American Walnut, both finished with a clear lacquer

Attention to detail in all aspects of the design ensures these stools exude the highest quality in aesthetics, finish and function.