The revolutionary Tecs / Daylight chair sets new aesthetic and ecological standards for premium high density, multi-purpose stacking seating. The mesh seat and back conforms to the body, prevents pressure points from forming and provides a cool, comfortable sit. A combination of torsion bar frame and flexible resin back allows the chair to move with the user. The chair also features integral linking glides.

Designed for Aichi by one of the most awarded designers in recent times: Toru Iseki.

The polypropylene seat and back surround is available in three colors, black, grey and white. The seat mesh is available in black, light grey and white. The steel frame is available in a durable silver powder coat finish or a chrome option is also available. Using a unique patented manufacturing processes, Daylight’s resin frame and mesh are fabricated as one. This “trim injection method” bonding the frame of the seat and backrest with the mesh is designed to protect the mesh panels from abrasion when stacking.

Daylight’s ergonomic credentials are impressive. The Daylight chair weighs only 3.8kg ensuring easy stacking and transport on its dolly and features flexible mesh [super-strong, fire retardant polyester thread manufactured from the same material as car seat belts in the Daylight TECS grey model]. Furthermore, a combination of the torsion bar frame and flexible resin back allows the chair to move with the user – recognized as a prerequisite in ergonomic seating. Daylight’s organic curved form alleviates pressure on the thighs.

Stackable up to 45 units high (on its dolly) in just over 2 meters, Daylight’s functional strengths place it in the top echelon of multi-purpose seating. Featuring ‘stacking stoppers’ which prevent friction damage, Daylight is ideal for high traffic training, meeting and conference areas. Today’s environments demand flexibility. That’s why Daylight is amazingly lightweight. Simple to reconfigure. Simple to stack. Weighing just 3.8 kgs, it’s a chair to take anywhere.

Daylight’s design is completely ecologically friendly and are constructed from recycled and recyclable material. All components of the standard Daylight chair are recyclable. The resin parts on the black and grey chairs are formed from recycled car batteries initially enabling Daylight TECS chairs to be marketed with the Japanese Environmental Association Eco Mark. Daylight TECS chairs comply with the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services (Law on Promoting Green Purchasing). ‘Daylight’ received a gold Best of Neo-Con award at the largest North American world trade fair of furniture.

A mesh seat and back is unequalled for comfort. The mesh responds to your needs and conforms to the shape of your body – not to a hypothetical average physique. Each Daylight chair becomes your Daylight chair – responsive to your shape and your size. When you experience Daylight you experience the ultimate in stack chair comfort as Daylight eliminates uncomfortable pressure points. Daylights open weave revives you with continuous ventilation. For cooler seating that looks cool, too.

Daylight weaves an exquisite mesh material around a clean, contemporary design. It blends seamlessly into various settings. Whether used as a solitary guest chair for a workstation or grouped en masse in an auditorium, Daylight’s quiet “presence” adds an air of elegance to any environment.